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Department: Media Graphics (BA rus)

Aleksandra Kiparis

I have always liked to draw and to be creative. In the process of studying at the University I learned how to use different techniques that were new to me. Here I want to show part of my creative way and the experience that the academy gave me.

Alexandra Rascovan

The final project of my studies is about my personality and my skills – it’s my portfolio. I had to create it as a book and video. About the book, I decided that it’s a good idea to create it as the office folder, because I wanted to look this book as a report about …

Evelina Puntussova

Hello, I started to draw from the young age and my family supported me a lot. They gave me faith, hope and education. Thanks to that I believe in and enjoy everything I do. No matter how many obstacles I meet, they only make me more stubborn to succeed. Art and handicraft became not only …

Mariietta Khodzhoian

The printed and video portfolios contain my favorite works that I created during 4 years of study in EKA. I learned many programs that will help me to develop in my profession. Because of EKA I’ve also met a lot of wonderful people.