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Anete Lomp

  • Faculty of Art and Culture
  • Art Education
  • MA
  • An example of an integrated study unit in the field of technology and art supporting formation of cultural and value competence
  • Tutor: Anneli Porri MA

The origin of this thesis lies in a situation where I started to teach arts and technology to level II and III students for the first time. Going through the syllabi I found common ground for integrative parts next to the creative activity and practical and manual skills development. General competences mentioned in the national curriculum for art subjects and technology studies have very similar and mutually supportive outcomes. However, according to pre-research those two subjects are integrated mostly through practical skill development and based on activities where general
competences are not prominent.
Based on the problem and the goals of my thesis, I established the following research questions: How can art and technology studies be integrated to help develop cultural and value competence? What are national curricula based
junctures between art and technology? Will integrated study units help the the student’s understanding of connections
between subjects, and by how much?
To answer those questions, I did the pre-research with art and technology teachers, analyzed technology and art syllabi in national curricula for middle school, made integrated study units based on my findings, I set up test and controle groups, analyzed and expounded action research results and made conclusions. The research revealed that the integrated study unit supports cultural and value competence formation and the understanding of cohesion.

Photo. 7th grade student creative work