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Ann-Katriin Kelder

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Interior Architecture
  • BA
  • Tutor: Sandra Pihlak, Mihkel Masso, Jaan Evart

Tutors: Sandra Pihlak, Mihkel Masso, Jaan Evart
210 x 297 mm, A4

Portfolio consists of nine projects completed in the course of the Bachelor’s programme. The work process is key in these pieces, which is why each project begins with rough models. The exploratory elements are displayed in red graphics.

Tutors: Sandra Pihlak, Mihkel Masso
scale models, posters
0.25 mm plastic sheets, cardboard, flashlight. 1000 x 700 mm, A1

Helga Aliis has done everything in her lifetime – interior architecture, theatrical makeup, silk painting, skydiving, tutored at the Drama School, travelled the world. She is an experienced and inquisitive explorer who tells fascinating stories both in conversation and in her creative work. Expressive, yet lucid pieces, reflect experiences important to her. Like a soft ray of light, whose habitual sight can be inexplicably alluring. The resulting exhibition is a light installation which reveals her sensitive and unique character.