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Anni Kivisto

  • Faculty of Design
  • Textile Design
  • MA
  • Crossing Everyday Life and Creative Process: Handmade Rug in Punch Needle Technique
  • Tutor: Taavi Hallimäe, Johanna Ulfsak


A look into creating handmade rugs using the punch needle technique, meanwhile exploring the impact of the Digital Era on the creative process.


This master’s thesis started from a personal experience when a mental obstacle against all kinds of creative work arose due to decreased manual labour caused by stress. It was an experience after which the creative process, as a habitual practice in everyday life, was replaced by apathy and overconsumption of social media.


This research consists of two practical experiments: an experimental work, during which I decipher my own individual experience of making crafts, and an experiment with participants, based on the results of which I analyse what was experienced in the first work. In the process of this thesis, two rugs were made.

The experimental work. Wool, nylon, cotton, polyester. 117×117 cm.
The experiment with participants. Wool, cotton, polyester. 130×127 cm.

Photos: Katya Kass, 2021.