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Annika Lindemann

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Interior Architecture
  • MA
  • Exploring theatre space for experiences and encounters at the former waiting pavilion of Tallinn Baltic Station
  • Tutor: Andre Tamm, Jüri Kermik, Gregor Taul
  • Video, posters
  • A1

The subject of my Master’s thesis is to look for a functional space system that would help to open up a specific event to a casual viewer and to a wider audience. The aim is to propose a creative environment and to expand theatre and the rehearsal process into public space. My proposal is an open performance space in the former passenger waiting area of the Tallinn Baltic Station to which I would add a scaffolding system. This system

would become the articulated element for connecting the building and the outside environment, enlivened by random passers-by and staged events. The building would become a shell for experiments performed by six different performing art ensembles during a one year period. The building, the modules and the surrounding environment would be used during the rehearsal process. The modules constitute a framework for different materials and levels, which change according to specific needs and which are also able to tell different stories through different spatial experiences.