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Bruno Quast

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Animation
  • MA
  • Cufufu
  • Tutor: Priit and Olga Pärn
  • Animation short

Cufufu, 2021, 6’27”

by Bruno Quast (director, animator, sound designer)


Bernie Krause’s niche theory is that an animal’s voice evolved in a way to occupy its own little, unique acoustic slot within a whole soundscape, a puzzle piece in the whole puzzle, to be distinguishable in the mess. A fisher wonders what sounds fit best in niches created by surrounding sounds.

Hung Between Land and Water, 2021, 28’14”

by Bruno Quast and Sarah Elizabeth Johnston (co-directors, composers, musicians, video artists)


The artists recall a shared listening experience of what was heard but not seen, hidden behind the clouds at night. The collaboration explores what emerges from being collectively engaged with the same thoughts, same memories, same questions, and in doing so re-elaborating a response to the net of calls: signals and directions. Transmitting a sense of crossing a place of blurring edges (the waves over the beach, the ocean to the sky).