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Cristopher Siniväli and Ilja Moltšanov

  • Faculty of Design
  • Graphic Design
  • BA
  • Visual identity “Epiphany of the Pegasus” for ERKI Fashion Show
  • Tutor: Norman Orro, Ranno Ait
  • visual identity

It is the time when a person can escape from the uncertainty and the surrounding panic by just using his/her imagination. ERKI Fashion Show, which is this year held for the 34th time, is the place where once a year everybody can forget themselves and their worries. It is an opportunity to climb on the winged horse and scoot towards delusion-like dreams. Visual identity for ERKI Fashion Show 2021 tries to break away from the superficial world where the background elements bring about the absurd parallel with the prisoners dreams and fantasies while spending years in the prison. The main character of the identity is Pegasus who has demorphized throughout the years – epiphany of the past times of Estonian Academy of Arts. New meaning has been given to history, where the Pegasus has been restored with a new shape and given a goal, similarly with ERKI Fashion Show’s venue at Patarei Sea Fortress. Winged magic horse who is flying around in this refreshing yet nostalgic three-dimensional world symbolizes the behaviour and the way of thinking of the creative people – the better and the worse times from EKA’s past and future.