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Erik Vorna

  • Faculty of Design
  • Industrial and Digital Product Design
  • BA
  • Improving digital product design workflows in a design company
  • Tutor: Hardi Niilo

The web environment is being used more and more today, and an even larger user space for web space is expected in the future. When consuming online environments, there are pages whose ill-considered user interface complicates a person’s user experience. When creating websites, it is important to ensure their system. A systemic approach helps achieve a faster and clearer workflow to create digital products with minimal effort that can be used by many users.

When you’re creating a site, your job is to get rid of the question marks – Steve Krug
„Don’t make me think!” – Steve Krug

The aim of the bachelor’s thesis „Improving digital product design workflows in a design company” was to create a digital library of graphic components that would help designers, developers and other parties to ensure systematic thinking, faster and clearer workflow and better mutual understanding. The result provides a structured workflow to create compliant digital environments. The broader aim of the work was to study the digital product design workflow in order to get to know the process better.

Digital library of graphic components – Erik Vorna

As part of my dissertation, I went to study: what is the design workflow, who are the parties in this process, how is the work organized and how is it communicated in the design company. I supported books, research articles and user analyzes in the process. The main research method was structured interviews with specialists. I used a questionnaire as a tool, where the form and order of the questions and statements were determined. The interviews were conducted at Trinidad Wiseman, a service design and digital transformation company.

Trinidad Wiseman is a service design and digital change company

Based on the interviews, literary sources and the client’s wishes, I compiled a library of digital graphic components in the program Figma. The component library consists of ten topics that contain the necessary guidelines for creating a compliant digital product. The created library of components meets the latest technical possibilities.

Video presentation of the bachelor’s thesis (in Estonian)

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