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Eva Vellesaar-Mälk

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Scenography
  • BA
  • Me and the Earth
  • Tutor: Ene-Liis Semper
  • Series of seven photographs (printed on 90x60 cm/ 60x90 cm canvases for TASE exhibition)
Wolf. Photo by Terje Atonen.
Viper. Photo by Terje Atonen.
Pine Tree. Photo by Terje Atonen.
White Deer. Photo by Terje Atonen.
Goldfish. Photo by Terje Atonen. Knives crafted by Robert Kallasmaa.
Golden Eagle. Photo by Terje Atonen.
Honeybee. Photo by Terje Atonen.

Me and the Earth is a series of photographs of ritual objects created driven by the gloomy mining landscapes all over Ida-Virumaa as well by wider interpretation of using the natural resources.
By adapting conquering, arrogant position we are left alone. Relationship with other species brings us to appreciation and sustainability of life. Everyone is indispensable, our survival as species is dependent on other species.
Inspired by animistic worldview seven totems have been depicted; White Deer, Pine Tree, Wolf, Goldfish, Golden Eagle, Honeybee and Viper. Characters are featured performing a ritual to bind in our thoughts this loosely integrated area to our land, to be mindful of the impact of our choices.
Life consists of rituals, it may run in seemingly blissful ignorance or by choosing what to endorse by the rituals.
Photos are taken by Terje Atonen May 1st 2021 on various industrial landscapes in Ida-Virumaa. MUAH: Heli Reinut.