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Francesco Duc

  • Faculty of Design
  • Inter­action Design
  • MA
  • Hyping Financial Responsibility, the new challenges of the Estonian Pension System
  • Tutor: Josina Vink
  • words, digital artifacts

Should designers be involved with law-making? What is the possible contribution of design to the policy/public service system?

Francesco applied a design methodology to the writing of a law on the hot topic of the Estonian pension system, written with a Human & Service Centered Design approach. Which means:
Designed starting from the needs and behaviors of Estonian citizens, collected through extensive interviews;
Also informed by the struggles and abilities of the service providers;
Framed in a vision of a desirable and sustainable future;
Inspired by examples from other fields;
Built through iteration, made tangible with artifacts.

The solution is centered around a main finding: the missing moment in life to take care of financial responsibility and long-term financial stability +, of great inspiration has been the rite of passage of the driving license. Using policy-making tools and lo-fi service concepts, my design proposal tries to create three modern life rituals to think about money, investments, and involve the network that surrounds each citizen and support their decisions.