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Jete-Maria Vürmer

  • Faculty of Design
  • Inter­action Design
  • MA
  • Regaining balance with data-driven insights:
 DataGambit health navigator
  • Tutor: Riin Kirt

DataGambit is an application that uses retrieved data for personalised health insights, enabling users to make better data-driven decisions and regain balance in life.

DataGambit health navigator

The health navigator bot helps users understand their information and symptoms in a conversational approach and encourages learning through reflection. The app is aimed at people who experience health anxiety or have noticed changes they wish to decipher.

The project was conducted in collaboration with DataGambit, a startup that aims to provide intuitive dashboards to analyse personal data enabling augmented decision making to optimise lifestyle and health.

The project aims to grasp the complex topic of healthcare and understand peoples’ daily lives, health-related habits, and attitude towards personal healthcare. Health is a universal problem but requires a very personal approach.

Many things could tilt our health out of balance. One of the reasons for such imbalance can be caused by food. Based on the interviews, it became evident that people with food intolerance tend to self-diagnose and navigating the new boundaries can induce anxiety and be tiresome. In addition, health insights provided by health tracking devices are often hard to decipher and lack actionable advice. DataGambit health navigator addresses those concerns and helps users find their way back to a balanced health journey.