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Kaari Sibrits

  • Faculty of Design
  • Inter­action Design
  • MA
  • Why Should I Care About My Data?
  • Tutor: Ville Eloranta
  • Online educational game

The purpose of this project was to explore the relationship casual internet users have with their personal data and offer a design concept to help build that relationship. I looked into peoples’ attitudes towards personal data, how they think it is used and if they try to manage their personal data in any way.

The project is done following the double diamond framework, discovering first about the topic of personal data with desk research, expert interviews and user research. From the findings of expert interviews, I narrowed my target group down to high school students. From the probe study and interviews, I learned that people don’t think they are susceptible to the dangers of personal data based personalized Internet experience but worry about others, that could be less knowledgeable. Also, it is difficult for people to see uses of personal data beyond company profits, especially targeted advertising.

Based on these findings I set “How might high school students use their personal data in a perspective broader than company profit?” as my design challenge. To develop my design concept, I held two co-creation workshops with high school students.

As a result, I offer a game that can be played in the classroom environment that helps students form their opinions on the topic of personal data. The game guides students through a personal journey of data analysis and data governance by using analogies and leaves room for discussions.

Check out the game’s interactive prototype