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Karolin Poska

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Contemporary Art
  • MA

Youn Artist Award

  • "Untitled"
  • Tutor: Ene-Liis Semper
  • One to one performance
  • Alexela Concert Hall

This one on one performance,”Untitled”, celebrates a reunion with the physical theatre space. In the course of the performance, together with the participant, we observe the cultural institution “theater” as a currently abandoned public space, and discover the beauty of it.

In the practical part of the master´s thesis, I researched a form that is born of the synergy and poetry between two people (performer and spectator) and space. In the current heavily restricted environment I have tried to find new ways and forms for achieving personal contact with the spectator. This change of position and close collaboration also brings out an interesting paradox: who is the audience and who is the performer when the situation has been so drastically altered?

The performance “Untitled” took place for one audience member at the time at the empty Alexela Concert Hall. The performer and the audience member were in contact through a phone call during the performance.
The audience member and the performer met face to “face” when the audience member sat in the seat that one desired the most from 1829 possible seats. On this photo is the view from the place where most of the people chose to sit.
Every performance was born from an intimate meeting of two people and what exactly happened is a secret between the two.