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Kätlin Loomets

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Scenography
  • BA
  • Depiction of death in "My Dear Corpses"
  • Tutor: Liina Keevallik, Tiiu-Ann Pello
  • Film
  • 34 min

In the context of a scenography bachelor’s thesis I was a production designer for a film “My Dear Corpses”
Unexpectedly evicted from his house, Erki faces a rather difficult task to take care of his lonely mother. He’s forced to agree to become a corpse carrier. But the situation is about to get a whole lot worse, when Erki meets his new colleague for whom it’s just another day in the field.

Death is one of the few universal phenomena experienced by any living being who has ever existed. However, many people find themselves in a difficult situation where it is almost impossible to accept this fact and in western society, most people have no experience of witnessing death.
This is a topic that is taboo to talk about but just as dying is just a part of life, death is just a part of the job for corpse carriers.

Music: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi – Storm, From the book “The Four Seasons”