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Kristina Mirjam Villand

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • “Nice Places”
  • Tutor: John Grzinich
  • Posters, webpage, cutout posters of agents, visiting places in Tallinn

“Nice Places” is a non-real-estate agency that values and collects urban voids in Tallinn. We offer our recommendations for these places for a wider audience to visit. Our office’s agents have long been interested in seemingly unused areas during our careers, but we are sure that these first impressions can be deceptive and everyone can find something for themselves in these nice places. The practical part incorporates in its installative part a webpage, in which are the urban voids of Tallinn listed. The work is exhibited as a pop-up booth for an agency, with two 2D cutouts of “non-real-estate” agents. 

Please, be our guest, sit behind the computer and explore our assembled selection of urban voids in Tallinn. Later, we urge that you visit these nice places physically to make the experience more real.

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Fotod: Ivor Lõõbas