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Liisa Maria Lai

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Scenography
  • BA
  • Achieving authenticity and personality on theatre in context of Ragnar Uustal play “Stand, and Unfold Yourself!”
  • Tutor: Liina Keevallik, Kaia Tungal

Theatre space, its objects and visual materials belong mainly to the field of scenography, which often materializes as a stage design that supports the whole. The choice of means of expression significantly influences the imagination and emerges in the audience’s consciousness. The aim of this work was to study what stage design tools and strategies can be used to bring authenticity and personality on the stage. This study and analysis was in context of Ragnar Uustal’s autobiographical play “Stop, Show Yourself!”, where the author of this thesis was in the role of a scenographer.

Ragnar Uustals play “Stand and unfold yourself!” poster. Artwork: Liisa Maria Lai

The performance theatre production wants to speak to the audience in a common time space, dealing with existential issues, where the inevitable everyday little things are analyzed, looking for importance in order to find an opportunity to experience them as something bigger. The topic of the production was also helpful in choosing the topic of my own bachelor’s thesis.

The stage space and the physical elements were mostly white. On one side there was a steep ramp that connected the audience on the balcony with the performer in the stage hole. Objects placed on stage were important physical objects for everyday maintenance, giving more authenticity to the stage design.

The performance took place from June 3.-6. in the black box of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre within the CPPM Manifestal.