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Liisa Tammert

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Graphic Art
  • BA
  • My dear Family
  • Tutor: Eve Kask
  • Installation: video 5 min, school desks, lined notebook, school board
  • 4×4,2 m

I look very much like my mother and grandmother. We have a lot in common – dark hair, brown eyes, short stature and certain birthmarks. One thing also in common is that the lives of all of us have been affected by German language and Germany. I went to a German language school, my mother and grandmother were German language teachers.
It is known that compared to your native tongue, it may be easier to express your feelings and thoughts through using a foreign language. The German language is a tool through which I try to retell the story of my family.

Exhibition view. Photo: Martin Buschmann. 2021
Exhibition view 2. Photo: Martin Buschmann. 2021
Exhibition view 3. Photo: Martin Buschmann. 2021