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Loviise Talvaru

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Interior Architecture
  • BA
  • Exhibition/event; portfolio
  • Tutor: Sandra Pihlak, Mihkel Masso, Jaan Evart
  • Exhibition/event
  • Tutor(s): Sandra Pihlak, Mihkel Masso
  • reduced scale model, posters
  • 1000 x 700 mm, A1

Rock+Rope+Cable is a story about how personality becomes an object and 2D-project into three-dimentional. The exhibition is based on Sanna-Betty Jaanimaa’s work, which has escaped from her portfoolio and has become spatial through simplified forms. The event has been planned at Merivälja’s beach, her great haven, where sculptures form itself by interweaving rope around the rocks. Throughout journey, the sculptures find their way on the rocks — their best spot to be seen. Rock also symbolizes the artist’s entity: as she said to the question of “If you were an object, which would you choose?”, I got an answer that she would chose to be a rock. That way the event becomes complete at the sea, where Sanna-Betty as a rock, holds the work process and obstacles to herself.

To get a complete feeling of the exhibition, it is not enough to bypass: you would have to go into water and observe it through every angle.

  • Portfolio
  • Tutor(s): Sandra Pihlak, Mihkel Masso, Jaan Evart
  • print
  • 300 x 185,6 mm

Dimensions of the portfolio have been deduced from aspect ratio 16:9, which supports visuals and drawings the best. Also, the surface material of the portfolio is made of recycled bonded leather.

To form a clear structure to the portfolio, there is a translucent page on every new project, which has an info about assignment, tutors and co-authors, if needed. Through that page, you can see a colorful visual that characterises an exact project.

The print holds 10 projects that have been made throughout three years in Estonian Academy of Arts.