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Marianne Siilbaum

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • I Am Made of Love
  • Tutor: Kai Kaljo
  • Sculpture/installation

My objective is to continuously rebuild and observe self, to find clarity within myself and to define self-love through my artwork.

Using different materials I take the mold of my face and shape it according to my emotions. My main goal is to achieve transparency, to expose myself and see within myself. It’s an effort to work on myself and see myself objectively. My masks are all very different and some of them don’t even resemble a face, but when they are all together their essence and their beauty will be revealed. They are suspended from the ceiling, looking at the world and each other at the same time. I want the audience to get a unique experience through my artwork, to have cognitive dialogue about self-search, self-observation and self-love.

We are constantly changing, and we are all imperfectly beautiful.