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Marje Kask

  • Faculty of Design
  • Graphic Design
  • BA
  • Queering Motion Graphics
  • Tutor: Else Lagerspetz
  • video essay
  • 1920×1080 px

Queering Motion Graphics is a series of black and white video notes that question normatives in the field of motion graphics from a queer perspective. It showcases six components –frame, framerate, kinetic typography, eased motion, motion hierarchy, and character walk cycles – that can be taken into account when analyzing motion graphics projects. Some of the questions that the project inquiries are, “Why must the video be in a rectangular frame? What is an odd motion? How does the video feel in the eyes and the body of the viewer?”
Besides charting some seldomly asked questions about the field Queering motion graphics also celebrates the unappreciated and the overlooked parts of video and animation creation.

Queering Motion Graphics is available on Youtube and Vimeo video platforms.

Length: 8 min 28s

Special thanks to Berit Silvia Kondratjev for voguing choreography