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Misa Asanuma

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • Solutions, Revenge on my childhood
  • Tutor: Anu Vahtra, Jan Christoffer Rutström
  • Inkjet print, PVC, metal paper fastener, Earthenware, plexiglass
  • 45*30cm. 10*20*15cm

Solutions is a collection of 60 photographs bound together with 16 different captions categorising them. The five copies of the publication include the same images but are categorised and therefore narrated in different ways. The fifth copy is open and invites viewers to arrange their own narrative. 

Revenge on my childhood consists of an earthenware crafted by myself 18 years ago and a photograph of its modified replica. I stole the original vessel from the shelf at my parents’ home and left the replica – made this year – on the spot where the original was stored. It highlights the absence of the art piece, although most likely nobody will notice the switch. By doing so, Revenge on my childhood denies the hierarchy between intentionally created art and purposeless art, artists and viewers.