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Regina Kaasik

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Interior Architecture
  • BA
  • Tutor: Joanna Hoffmann, Alina Nurmist, Jaan Evart
  • 200 ✕ 200mm


This is a selection of works from my journey of becoming a young, starting interior architect. My portfolio is split into five independent brochures, divided by themes – self-introduction, solo projects, teamwork, built projects and art. Every project here, is a fragment that has played a role in shaping my perspective in my field.


An interactive exhibition, that gives an opportunity for the visitor to get closer to my coursemate, Kelli Puusepp. We understand people better through their stories and putting ourselves into their shoes. Which is exactly what this exhibition allows the visitor to do. The video projection together with the space that it’s in, engages the person to understand Kellis 3+1 year journey of becoming an interior architect.