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Shujun Wang

  • Faculty of Design
  • Design and Technology Futures
  • MSC
  • Promoting Craft Through Makers' Education: Case Study of Wenzhou Colored Stone Inlay.
  • Tutor: Ruth Melioranski

People appreciate the aesthetics of ancient elegant traditional crafts. In modern society, the traditional craft is impacted seriously by mass production; nevertheless, it still stands its unique values, such as Aesthetics, Cultural Symbols, Entertainment.

Unfortunately, Traditional Colored Stone Inlay has a high threshold for beginners and not playable for kids. Nowadays, with maker space and digital devices, playing complicated traditional crafts is possible for the kids.
The thesis aims to explore using the maker-space platform to lower the experience threshold for kids playing Wenzhou Colored Stone Inlay. Experience design will embed knowledge of traditional craft and Maker education. The colored stones are reshaped as Tangrams. The kids can easily experience the Colored Stone Inlay at home or attend an offline craft workshop in a local maker space.

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