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Sigrid Sitnikov

  • Faculty of Design
  • Inter­action Design
  • MA
  • From an Obscure Prototype to a Market-Ready Product
  • Tutor: Peyman Pouryekta, Jamshid Alamuti

This project will give an example of a journey that tries to get an obscure prototype into an early stage of being market-ready. Whether a prototype is born as a result of a school project or a hackathon, there is a chance it might be made into a product or service.

As a design student, my responsibilities often ended on a school project as soon as I did the final presentation to the mentors and to the companies we were working with. I had no idea what it means to take the next steps and apply the proposed solution to the real world. Having a prototype at hand from a Tangible Design course, I embarked on the journey of finding out what should happen in order to make a product market-ready and which framework is the most effective one for getting there.

The thesis showcases the Double Diamond framework, the Build-Measure-Learn framework, and methods that were used to defining the core product of The Reach Game and finding its early adopters. The result of this project is an evaluation of the journey I had launching The Reach Game to the market and a new improved version of the product.

The Human Circuit Game
The Visualisation of the Journey