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Sonia Ruus

  • Faculty of Design
  • Graphic Design
  • BA
  • All Stitched Up: Alternative Ways of Graphic Design
  • Tutor: Norman Orro
  • Sewed graphics
  • 3 118x85 cm, 1 118x45 cm

Creation without restriction tickles my consciousness more and more, encouraging me to break the rules and play with structure, form or medium. All Stitched Up is a five-part installation that stems from a study of the use of alternative mediums, punk mentality as well experimentation in graphic design using fabric, its form, and stitches to create graphics while connecting the two worlds that interest me personally. After reading various articles and interviews about punk in graphic design, designer David Carson and artist Jamie Reid, I collected quotes which rebellious undertones are connected with a certain element – Carson’s attitude to using the grid,

Reid’s socio critical as well a ransom-note approach to typography and the general nature of punk in design. Each part represents a persona-based approach, both my own and their mentality’s symbiosis and elements in design, which are grid, fonts, shapes, illustrations, shadows, images, patterns, as well negative space. 
The aim is also to find limitations throughout the process that this form of creation imposes, what uncontrollable errors occur, but also the peculiarities and layers that this type of medium adds to the design. Therefore, any mistakes or stumbles that occurred during sewing are retained in the works.