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Stina Isabel Gavrilin

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Photography
  • BA
  • "Morning." "I'm going to lose my mind."
  • Tutor: Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo, Laura Kuusk
  • Video projection. Video, sound (9’46”)

The starting point of the work is the digital world’s impact on people’s mental health. 24 hours a day, we have access only the press of a button away to all information in the world and an overview of every event and discussion in real time that reaches us through social media even if we don’t want it. The consequences are exhaustion and sensory overload which are also directly linked to an exacerbation of mental problems, especially among the young.

This is an antidote to such an abundance of information. It is a meditative video piece that consists of found footage as well as ambient soundscapes meant to oppose startling notification sounds.

The visual was made following the examples of techniques people with autism use to overcome digital burnout and leaning on what actually has a calming effect on a person in real life. In contrast with today’s perfect quality cleanliness that is also dominant on social media, video material created with technology from the previous century was used to bring out a raw nostalgic aspect. That is also emphasized by atmospheric soundscapes accompanying the visual, being completely unpolished and brought into the work as they were initially recorded.

View from the exhibition. Photo: Martin Buschmann