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Tauris Reose

  • Faculty of Design
  • Jewellery and Blacksmithing
  • BA
  • Overthinking
  • Tutor: Eve Margus-Villems, Piret Hirv, Urmas Lüüs, Nils Hint
  • Steel
  • 120x70x40 - 200x70x70 (mm)

If? I am overthinking again. These endless threads of thought spin around themselves, chaining me. I continuously see layers forming. Emotions have taken over my body, I have lost myself. I’m looking for the truth to gain back control. Is it possible? Should I do that? Would life lose its meaning if I controlled everything? If you control creative activity, is it even creativity anymore? Would that make sense at all? Does the solution exist at all? Am I overthinking again?