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Kati Müüripeal

  • Vabade kunstide teaduskond
  • Maal
  • BA
  • Study "Dystopian, end-of-the-world belt of Venus"
  • Juhendaja: Kristi Kongi
  • Author's technique
  • (4) 47,9 × 36 cm, (3) 75 × 150 cm, (1) 200 × 150 cm

The Venus Belt is a special optical phenomenon in the atmosphere in the troposphere, where light falls on dust particles during sunset or sunrise or sunrise. Leaving a pink glowing line in the horizon. Beneath it lies a bluish shadow of the Earth to mark the passing of the night or the beginning of it.

How about a visual that could be seen in a Devon-like period after the end of the world? In nature there should be seeable the greatest changes in color when human life is over. There wouldn’t be you, me or other people – only the flora rumbling like green algaes in the Julys Baltic Sea . Metamorphosis persist. The environment shines through the translucent vegetation and the ordinary Bleeding Hearts are stretching themselves towards the sun.