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Carol Katkoff

  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • The Wind is Blowing from Realm to Realm on a Lonely Dot
  • Tutor: Laura Kuusk
  • installation, found material, glass, film, load cover, 9 videos (on 6 screens), sound
  • 2 x 1,8 x 2 m

A hut emerged into the artist’s thoughts while she was travelling with her partner and their two dogs through the south coast of Spain having to escape frequent rain and strong winds, spending the nights in strangest places. The hut symbolized a feeling of safety, which the artist created through building it. She arrived at a house, which wasn’t a symbol anymore, but an existing place, where it was possible to feel safe and homey, but where the strong wind was still a frequent guest. The hut is the artist’s perceived realm.  In it appear detachments and connections that everyone of us from the almost 8 billion create, as we share a human nature. On our unimportant mote, an endless seeking of self eternalizing happens instead of caring for each other. The wind, which gets around everywhere on our lonely dot, knows us all, but for him we are all the same. In this hut the artist has a shelter from the wind. The wind though, running its course in time, will forget that anyone ever was in this hut.

Exhibition views:

Photo by Martin Buschmann
Photo by Martin Buschmann
Photo by Martin Buschmann
Photo by Martin Buschmann

Video examples:

Video example I.
Video example II.
Video example III.