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Eliisabet Kuslap

  • Faculty of Design
  • Graphic Design
  • BA
  • Picture-Perfect Feast
  • Tutor: Maria Muuk
  • 3D filters, Instagram account, food photos, short videos
  • @picture_perfect_feast

A plate does not have to be half-empty, feature an odd number of elements or contain five different textures to be worthy of a picture or the dining table. The social media work Picture-Perfect Feast brings attention to food’s new role as a social connector, which becomes stronger, the more we break the plating rules of culinary schools and restaurants, resulting in a livelier dining table. The Instagram food filters are a playful commentary on the widely accepted visual food presentation and plating guidelines. They serve as a call for people to dine with others via phone cameras in spite of the restrictions of the isolation era. The photos used in the work are collected from social media platforms and private archives during the past year.

During the pandemic, eating has become a lonely activity for many. As a result, social media platforms took over the role of the host as well as the dining table for everyone to bring their own plates, food, drinks and cameras. A modern “saying grace” ritual was rooted even more deeply – capturing and sharing images –, becoming an inseparable part of the eating process and making these communities and friendships stronger than ever. The self-isolation age has strengthened and justified the phenomenon of food photography. Inventive meals made of leftover pantry food and mishmashes packed in takeaway containers have generated resourceful alternatives to picture-perfect restaurant compositions. Playing with conventional food beauty standards flattens cuisine hierarchies, normalises sustainable choices, and invites every diner to rejoice over food together with others.

Visit @picture_perfect_feast on Instagram to try out the 3D filters yourself and see the whole work.

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