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Kelli Puusepp

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Interior Architecture
  • BA
  • Portfolio
  • Tutor: Joanna Hoffmann, Alina Nurmist, Jaan Evart
  • Print file
  • 220 x 220

Portfolio as an overview of my previous four years’ creative work and projects. The format chosen for the portfolio is a square (220 x 220mm) – defined as the best to support the visuals and drawings on its surface.

  • Kild
  • Tutor(s): Joanna Hoffmann, Alina Nurmist
  • Visual and digital print posters
  • 594 x 841

The exhibition/event ,,Kild” is based on a fellow student’s (Kristiina Sofia Püü) portfolio. It is the second part of the final thesis in BA interior architecture.

Discover unique symbioses and match several fragments from different projects. There’ s a lot of solutions for the free play that doesn’t have any rules. Similar characteristics can be seen while placing the cuboids either on top or next to each other.