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Syret Kärt

  • Faculty of Design
  • Graphic Design
  • BA
  • Inside out
  • Tutor: Ott Kagovere
  • Installation, two fabrics posters
  • 1,5x2m

It is hard to listen to that rational voice in your head that explains everything in a logical way and say, what is wrong or right in things you see and feel. It is especially difficult if there is another, louder voice saying how worthless you are and how many flaws you have. You are constantly searching for ways to better yourself or hide but it is never enough for that louder voice. It tells you how perfect other people are and is always comparing you to them. This voice belongs to the body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) – a constant companion for anyone dealing with BDD. Inside out illustrates the insecurities that BDD can cause and exhibits it by going against the instinct to hide the flaws.